Qualifying expenses for the Hope Scholarship include tuition and fees at any participating schools whether public, nonpublic, in-person or online. Funds may also be used for tutoring services or to pay fees for nationally standardized assessments, Advanced Placement (AP) exams, and any other examination related to college or university admission – as well as tuition and fees for preparatory courses to prepare your student for the aforementioned exams.

Additionally, Hope Scholarship funds may be used for extracurricular activities and programs at a public school, tuition and fees for programs of study. The funds may also be used for a curriculum of courses that lead to an industry-recognized credential, fees for after-school or summer education programs, educational services and therapies, and for fees for transportation paid to a fee-for-service transportation provider to allow for a student to travel to and from an education provider.

Other qualified expenses may be requested and approved by the Hope Scholarship Board.

Each year, any student entering kindergarten is immediately eligible for the Hope Scholarship. Any student who is already enrolled in school and attended a public school for the entirety of last year’s educational term is also eligible.

Students who have previously withdrawn from the public school system must re-enroll in a public program for at least 45 calendar days during an instructional term and remain enrolled until the Hope Scholarship award letter is issued.

Parents must renew their child’s Hope Scholarship on an annual basis to ensure the child continues to meet the eligibility criteria. To maintain eligibility, students must choose annually to take a nationally normed standardized achievement test or have a certified teacher conduct a review of the student’s academic work.

The total amount of the Hope Scholarship will vary slightly from year-to-year, as it is based on a formula calculated by the State Treasurer and Department of Education. We expect the amount to typically range between $4,000 and $4,300 per year.

There is no limitation on a parent with multiple eligible children from applying for multiple Hope Scholarships.

A standardized application form will be found on the Hope Scholarship Board’s website and be made public no later than March 1, 2022. Applications will be accepted immediately thereafter. Award letters shall be issued to eligible recipients within forty-five (45) days of receipt of the completed application and required documentation.

The Hope Scholarship Board is comprised of nine (9) members, including the Chair of the Board and the State Treasurer. Other members including statewide elected officials (the State Auditor and Attorney General), government officials appointed by the Governor (the State Superintendent of Schools, Chancellor of Higher Education and the Director of the Herbert Henderson Office of Minority Affairs), and three members appointed by the Governor who are private citizens and parents of Hope Scholarship students.

No. Nothing in the Hope Scholarship program limits the independence or autonomy of an education service provider, and the program ensures providers are given maximum freedom to provide for the educational needs of Hope students without governmental control.

One half of the annual amount of the fund will be deposited to a student’s Hope Scholarship fund no later than August 15th of each year. The other half of the annual amount will be deposited no later than January 15th of each year.

Any remaining funds within a student’s Hope Scholarship account that still remain at the end of a fiscal year will remain in the account and roll over to the next fiscal year.

Follow these simple steps below to submit your Hope Scholarship application:

1. Visit www.hopescholarshipwv.com/Home
2. Parents/guardians must complete a letter of intent to participate
3. Create an account through the Education Market Assistant (EMA) portal link before applying.
4. You will need your child’s WVEIS ID#. This is assigned by your County Board of Education.
5. Watch this video for a step by step tutorial of the application process